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La Grande Business Directory Terms and Conditions
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Mistakes happen!

Errors or omissions: If at fault, La Grande Business Directory will republish the advertisement or portion thereof which an error occurred which materially affects it’s value. We agree, if requested by you, to fully cooperate in the correction, if necessary, in the reasonable discretion of your party of any copy so that your advertisement accurately describes your business, products or services. La Grande Business Directory will not assume any financial responsibility or liability for such errors other than the face value of the advertisement. The ad will run the original term of contract.

La Grande Business Directory or any of it’s agents does not assume any liability for the content of an ad or directory listing. All representatives, warranties and/or opinions made in any listing, advertisement or article are those of the advertiser or submitting author and not the webmaster, authors or any agents.

All digital assets, notes, photos or copy for use in the La Grande Business Directory shall remain the property of this website and La Grande Business Directory unless otherwise agreed. No such ad or part thereof may be reproduced without the written consent of this website.

All advertising space, contents and rates on the La Grande Business Directory website are equal opportunity to all advertisers on this website.

La Grande Business Directory reserves the right to refuse any advertisement we consider to be in bad taste, offensive or otherwise detrimental to the public.

We have some flexibility with design work based on the length of term of the ad.

Information edits are generally completed within the first 2 weeks of deploying the ad. Edits of NAP(name, address and phone) will always be free as NAP info is critical to your business.

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