A Business Directory That Thrives on Mobile

It’s hard to believe how far the internet has penetrated our world. Everyone is on their phones…All the time! We look for the things we need online and search plays a big part in the products we buy.

Everyone is looking for you and your products online. Over 60% of purchases now begin with a search from a mobile device or tablet. Your business should be online for this reason alone and that is compounded by the fact that as soon as you hand someone your business card, they are checking you put online.

People judge your business by what they see on your website. Your reputation is at the mercy of the 5 Star review system we all have gotten used to. Be it good or bad, it can be painfully brutal to small businesses.

Now the kicker! Not everyone wants or can afford a website. Many don’t know where to start and most don’t have the time to put together all the info needed to do justice to the expense. That’s where a professionally crafted business directory listing can do wonders for your online presence.

Our setup offers ad space by sections. The sections where your ad appears are designed to work on all devices. The sections hold all kinds of info and you’ll want to prioritize your offerings so people know what you’re selling and can get find you easily.

If your listing focuses on what your customers are seeking you’ll be surprised at how effective this method works!

It’s easy and you’ll be up to internet speed quickly! We’ll make it fun and do it quickly!

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