Online Business Directory with Ad Space

An Online Business Directory with Ad Space


We offer significant advantages over Yellow Pages with multiple types of CTAs (Call to Actions)

  • A phone number that works online for you.
  • Your business is on the map showing, location, how close you are, hours & directions.
  • Pictures and video draw people’s attention!
  • Show customers what it’s like to do business with you with product images or video.

Compare An Online Business Directory with Ad Space to:

  • Billboards $1000/m
  • Radio $500/m
  • Contract Facebook postings $400/m
  • Building a website takes a lot of time, it’s a hassle to get it right, maintain, and update
  • All the above are expensive and no longer make sense to focus on when SEARCH drives sales!

Billboards occupy space along busy highways and as people whiz by in their cars, the driver has little time to look (and certainly can’t get a phone number without getting a distracted driver citation)

These antiquated marketing methods are just no longer relevant…

A Business Directory with Online Ads

Yellow Pages, Yelp and business directories are new variations on print business listings that have been around in some form since the 1836. They are no longer relevant because these marketing techniques can’t leverage search.

Searching on mobile devices powers business!

There’s more room for text in our ad space! Our ad size grows and adapts to all screen sizes.

60% of sales initiate with a search on a mobile device.

Combined, however, our application of technology turns a directory ad into not just a business listing, but a way to get online affordably and quickly. No more hassles with too many words for the puny little 1 inch column, most add-ons people need are built into our rates.

Customers have more motivation to pursue your Business Ads!

When customers can:

  • Call the business with a press and hold on your phone number.
  • See the business location, how close you are, hours & directions.
  • And see your product images or watch a business video.

You are connecting!

Connecting All the Dots

We have scouted the entire battlefield of online ad systems, directories and review sites and have crafted multiple precision strikes across it. Our business directory setup is the synthesis of several technologies that create huge advantages over print, billboards or regular business directories.

Source: Google Search
When was the first newspaper advertisement?

19th century. In June 1836, mile de Girardin editor of the Paris newspaper La Presse was the first to rely on paid advertising to lower its price, extend its readership and increase its profitability. His formula was soon copied by all titles. History of advertising – Wikipedia

We are more affordable and offer more value than any other online marketing, billboards, social media or print ads. Also more reach and more area to work with to develop your brand.

Online Business Directory with Ad Space